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Website Now Live!!

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The brand new 12 Gauge MMA website is now live. Completely rebuilt and looking awesome: 12 Gauge MMA

Keep checking back on the site for all the latest news, upcoming fights and seminar details.


Nathan “Levo” Leverton Seminar August 28th

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We will be hosting Nathan “Levo” Leverton for a 3 hour seminar at 12 Gauge MMA on Sunday 28th August 12-3 pm. For those that don’t know Nathan, he has been involved with and coaching MMA and No-Gi grappling since the early days of UK MMA. He has his own very successful club Leciester Shootfighters and has coached many of the top UK UFC fighters including Dan Hardy, Paul Daley, Andre Winner, Ross Pearson, Nick Ospiciack and many more!

The seminar costs £25 and only has a limited number of spaces. All are welcome from any club, if you would like to book a place contact Matt on 07875211221 or email: Matthew.Thorpe@12

This is a bargain priced seminar and one not to be missed!!

June Special Offer at 12 Gauge MMA

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‎If you have ever wanted to start training in MMA now is the time to begin. For June only 12 Gauge MMA is offering its fundamental course at a massive 50% discount.

The course lasts 10 sessions over a 5 week period and covers the basics needed to get you started in MMA. This is the perfect place to start if you have never trained in MMA before! This course is suitable for all and can be started at anytime.

The 10 sessions consist of the following:

Session 1 – Punching
Session 2 – Kicking
Session 3 – Outside Wrestling
Session 4 – Clinch
Session 5 – Guard Passing
Session 6 – Guard Attacks
Session 7 – Side Control Top
Session 8 – Side Control Reversals
Session 9 – Mount
Session 10 – Turtle

This course usually costs £50 per person working out at £5 a session. For the whole of June we are offering a massive 50% discount meaning the course will cost £25 working out at only £2.50 a session!!

To sign up today contact 12 Gauge MMA on 0161 669 5860 or email

For further information on 12 Gauge MMA and what we have to offer you check out: 12 Gauge MMA

12 Gauge MMA Events

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Over the next several months we have a few things going on at 12 Gauge MMA. On July 3rd we have Simon Home and Lee Perkins making there Semi Professional debuts on The Way of the Warriors 2 being held in Batley. The matches are as follows:

U73kg Lee Perkins vs Aiden Heap

U66kg Simon Home vs Aaron Doherty

Gonna be 2 very explosive fights there fight camps have started so these guys will be ready for when July comes. Check back over the coming weeks for footage and photos of these guys training and there preparation for battle.

Then on July 31st at the Takedown GP we have fighting on the preliminary card Lewis Perkins and Adam Syme. I will update the blog once I have fights confirmed for them.

Next we have UCC Contenders 3: Stockport Showdown to be held at Edgeley Park on 14th August. We will have several 12 Gauge representatives out that night so check back for when the matches are confirmed.

Finally Nathan “Levo” Leverton will be holding a seminar at 12 Gauge MMA on Sunday 28th August 12-3 pm. This will cost £25 for the 3 hrs and places must be booked and paid for upfront. Nathan has coached some of the best fighters the UK has produced this is a seminar not to be missed. All are welcome contact me Matt Thorpe to book a place.

Busy few months coming up but all gonna be great fun, can’t wait!

The Birth of 12 Gauge MMA….

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After many years being involved in MMA (nearly 12 years) I finally opened my own club in late October 2009. Over the last year and a half the club has grown faster than I could of hoped and we now have a fight team competing on the amateur and semi professional scene as well as many students who just enjoy training in mixed martial arts.

Early 2011 sore the club move to new premises along with Factory BJJ where we now have a dedicate 1,500 sqft mat space along with hanging bags and soon to be fitted with a cage wall.

The club has several days to train on and is suitable for all levels from absolute beginner to advanced. The timetable is below:


6-7 pm – Fundamentals Course
7-8 pm – Novice MMA
8-9.30 pm – Avanced MMA


6.30-7.30 pm – Mixed Level MMA


6-7 pm – Fundamentals Course
7-8 pm – Novice MMA
8-9.30 pm – Advanced MMA


11-11.30 – MMA Circuit
11.30-12.30 – Mixed Level MMA

Check out 12 Gauge MMA for more information and prices etc.

Smash him in the face!!

Posted in Fighting and Competing with tags , , , on December 2, 2009 by matt12gauge

This weekend I taught a seminar on cage control and ring craft for a team of first time fighters, cornering fighters was disscussed and it got me thinking. Over the years I have seen some real poor corners, some fighters seem to believe just bringing your mate along to shout smash him in the face is all you need of a corner team!

I have been lucky from day one, I have had an awesome team behind me who have taken the time to learn how to switch me on and get me mentally ready to get in the cage and compete. This is key. Corners should know their fighters intimately so they can bring them to the boil and send them out ready to do the job. For years I’ve struggled with nerves and trying to switch from Mr nice guy, to wanting to punch someone in the face. Over time, the team behind me worked different corner tactics to find what suited me as a fighter and found solutions to the problems I was experiencing.

I remember when I fought Dan Hardy I was sharing my warm up room with another fighter whose corners gave my corner team a slagging on the forums after the event for how long my warm up had lasted and that I was knackered by the end of it. Yet I went out and had a full 25min fight that is still seen in many peoples eyes as one of the greatest UK fights of all time, and their guy went out and lost rather quickly! This is an example of an uneducated corner team, they didnt realise that it took a long time for me to come to a boil (sometimes over 1 hour) and that I liked to get rid of my first wind. They just thought one structure of warming up suits all!!

So the point I am trying to get across is that each fighter is individual and a good corner team should be able to recognise their fighters needs. In order for a fighter to perform to their greatest potential they need to be warmed up and primed correctly!!

12 Gauge Signing off!!

A request….

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l_8fcdfbf2f5bbf554ce214b0d7adba391I have had a request to post up some of the conditioning circuits I follow so thought I would oblige. First I will give you a little insight into how I have arrived at where I am today in regards to my strength and conditioning programs I now follow and a couple of tips on how to train and what should be in your training program.

Over the years I have tried out and followed many programs with mixed results, most of the time I had no clue as to why I was doing what I was doing other than it was what every one else seemed to be following!! The training for my first fight consisted of me going for 3 long runs a week and lifting weights twice a week. Now a lot of guys that I speak to in the gym still do this sort of training for fights and dont see any problems with this, I ask them this question though “Is this training specific to your needs??” . I asked myself this very same question after my first fight and realised there was a lot for me to learn.

I have spent the last 7 years educating myself on this subject. I have read countless books and articles on the subject and still do. I have talked to experts and I have gone out and taken qualifications in order to improve my knowledge. Olympic athletes don’t leave their training to chance so why should you. In order for you to achieve the gains you want and require you have to:

  1. Specific – Your training has to be specific to the sport. You need to break down and understand the demands of your sport and what training is needed in order for you to improve. For example the training I did for my first fight was in no way sport specific, long slow distance does not emulate what I needed in a fight, there was no speed, power or strength training.
  2. Overload – You must train to overload in order to gain any increases. If you don’t train to overload your body will not adapt and their will be no gains. By overload I mean train to failure, the final reps of your final set you should be failing on. This then encourages your body to adapt (Super compensation) during the recovery phase and you will see gains within your training.
  3. Adapt/Change – Constantly change and adapt your training plan. It doesn’t take long for your body to adapt and get used to what you are doing therefore you need to change things up on a regular basis. This can just be little tweeks but you need your body to be constantly guessing if it gets used to your training you will plateau!
  4. Rest and Recovery – You have to have rest and recovery periods built into your training plan. Without time to recover and repair your body will fail you and no adaption will occur, you will over train!!
  5. Education – This is probably the most important point. You have to educate yourself, if you don’t take charge of your own training no one else will. There are thousands of books, articles, DVDs out there you can even hire a decent Personal Trainer in order to educate yourself! A couple of great places to start your education: and

Hopefully this will give you somewhere to start and ideas on how to train. Now down to the request of some examples of my conditioning workouts :

I like to split my training circuits into the rounds I will be fighting (Sport Specific) so for example the circuit I did the other day consisted of:

3×5 mins each round is broken down into minutes and you perform a different exercise for each minute.


1min – Fast 6-10 punch combo bag work allowing yourself to re-set after each combo this should be high intensity.

1min – Pull ups

1min – Medicine ball or a weight press above head and out infront of you 10 reps of each then repeat.

1min – Hold a weight out infront of you then perform steering wheels.

1min – Same as first minute.

Rest 30-60 seconds


1min – Shoots on a bungee or have some one hold you on a harness.

1min – Deep Squats with a medicine ball.

1min – step ups

1min – 30 seconds bunny hoping over a thai pad side to side then 30 seconds forward and backward.

1min – same as first minute.

Rest 30-60 seconds.


1min – Carry the bag for 20 seconds then slam and ground and pound for 40 seconds.

1min – Clean and press a sand bag.

1min – Burpee.

1min – Kettlebell/Dumbell swing or medicine ball slam.

1min – Same as first minute.

The great thing about this circuit is its easy to adapt to whatever your needs are. You can replace exercises as and when you need to and you can increase the intensity by adding more rounds and decreasing your rest time.

Here is an example of a hill sprint session I follow:

Find a steep hill with lamp posts on it. Your rounds will consist of sprint to the first lamp post jog back down, sprint to the second lamp post jog back down, sprint to the third lamp post jog back down and rest. I have a Heart rate monitor on and my rest period is dictated by this. I allow my HR to drop then repeat as above for 10 rounds. I usual finish this with 5x50m flat sprints with little rest in between.

Hopefully this is usefull to you guys.

Enjoy 12 Gauge signing off!