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12 Gauge MMA is moving!!

Posted in Uncategorized on August 1, 2011 by matt12gauge

Unit on Day 0

Ok for all those that don’t know, 12 Gauge MMA is moving to its own full time facility. I signed for the keys last Wednesday and work has began on updating the unit to house our new club.

Both 12 Gauge MMA and Factory BJJ clubs have consistently grown over the last 6 months and it is now time for each club to expand to their own full time facilities. We are still good friends with the Factory guys and will be visiting one another’s clubs for updates and some rolls.

The club will house 1100 sqft of mats, a bag station, cage wall and the Cage Side Clothing store. We will be expanding the timetable as well to include more MMA sessions, Kickboxing sessions, Sub wrestling sessions, Women’s only sessions and Kids sessions.

Unit Day 1

So the first day of work is complete on the unit and we have stripped all the old wood structures away and began painting the walls ready for the flooring arriving tomorrow.

I aim to keep you all updated as the unit develops, so check back regularly….


A little busy……

Posted in Uncategorized on September 16, 2009 by matt12gauge

Had an extremely busy week, so just gonna keep you all upto date with what I have been upto. Check out the interview filmed at Quannum of me and my coach Aaron Chatfield on the build up to the M1 semi finals:

Channel M came down on Monday 14th to film my training for my upcoming fight. Started with my conditioning circuit at home and then filmed my Mrs cooking tea! They followed me down to the gym in the evening and filmed my pad work then sparring. They seemed to really enjoy it, the show was going to be 1 piece but they have said they will split it into 2 with the build upto the fight on 1 show and then bring me into the studio for the 2nd peice post fight. Will keep you guys informed of when this will air.

Also this week had the stockport Express and MEN newspapers come down and do a little interview with me and take some photos. Keep your eyes out for that piece to show up at the end of the week/some time next week hopefully.



I am starting an MMA class on Monday 5th October, covering all aspects of MMA.


at: Factory BJJ

Studio 1, Vauxhall Industrial Estate

Greg Street




For more info you can contact me at:


07514 884 037


Finally a couple of links for you guys to check out. First off the coliseum forum:

and my temporary website:


12 Gauge signing off!!

In the beginning….

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Latest M1 victory

What to write in your first post??? Now I am part of this new bloging craze I am not sure what to start with!!

I think I will start with the obvious, a bit about myself. First off I will apologise for my rubbish grammer and spelling it aint my strong point!!

I am a 28 year old professional cage/mma fighter who also holds down a full time job. I am married to my lovely wife Jennie who puts up with my crap moods and the fact I am never at home. I have been training in Martial Arts of  some sort for most of my life, I started in Tae-Kwon-Do when I was about 10 and then moved onto Kickboxing when I was about 15 but it wasn’t till I was 18 and met my future wife to be that I started training MMA and taking it more seriously!!

When I met my wife at college she was training at what she said was a Karate club, which I had no interest in at all, after 6 months of her nagging at me to come down to the club I finally caved in and said I would try a session out. I found that it was anything but Karate and that the club instructor (Phil Wright) had recently discovered MMA in the form of the UFC and had started playing around with grappling and the BJJ revolution! This new concept had me hooked and so started my lifelong obsession with MMA!

I trained with Phil for about 2 years when he was forced to close his gym, this led to me searching out several training options in order for me to improve my overall game. Over the next 8 years I spread my training out over an olympic freestyle wrestling club, BJJ club, Thai boxing club, Amatuer Boxing gym, Team Quannum and Team Coliseum MMA gyms in order to give myself a good grounding in all aspects of training and fighting. I also made several trips abroad to the US and Japan to train with some of the best in the world most notably the Miletich camp!

I was about 21 when I first got the itch to step in the ring/cage and test my skills, so after a discussion with my coaches at the Coliseum (Aaron Chatfield and Danny Wallace) I decided I was ready to take that step. Having no Amatuer scene in UK MMA at the time I was forced to step straight in at pro taking a fight on a show in Cornwall called the Xtreme Fighting Championships. I won this fight in the 1st round via rear naked choke and so started the competition bug. Over the next 8 years I competed on shows all over the UK such as Ultimate Combat, XFC, Pride and Glory, Cage Warriors and King of the Cage UK. I have also been lucky enough to compete internationally on shows such as Bodog and the M1 Challenge the latter of which I am currently active in as the Team England Middleweight. I hold notable wins over Che Mills former Cage Rage champion, Peter Angreer German Top Team member, Raman Jarman Shooto veteran and Yusuke Masuda DEEP veteran. I am mostly known, though, for my epic 5 round battle with Dan Hardy for the Cage Warriors Welterweight title. The fight went to a split decision but unfortunately for me it wasn’t my night and Dan edged it! This fight has been classed as one of the greatest fights in UK MMA history and I was proud to be part of it!

So we are pretty much up to date. Like I said previously I am currently part of the M1 England team being coached by Aaron Chatfield and Dave Butlin. We have just defeated Team Spain to secure our place in the semi-finals which are to be held in Russia, September 26th where we face the Russian legion.

Signing off!

12 Gauge