June Special Offer at 12 Gauge MMA

‎If you have ever wanted to start training in MMA now is the time to begin. For June only 12 Gauge MMA is offering its fundamental course at a massive 50% discount.

The course lasts 10 sessions over a 5 week period and covers the basics needed to get you started in MMA. This is the perfect place to start if you have never trained in MMA before! This course is suitable for all and can be started at anytime.

The 10 sessions consist of the following:

Session 1 – Punching
Session 2 – Kicking
Session 3 – Outside Wrestling
Session 4 – Clinch
Session 5 – Guard Passing
Session 6 – Guard Attacks
Session 7 – Side Control Top
Session 8 – Side Control Reversals
Session 9 – Mount
Session 10 – Turtle

This course usually costs £50 per person working out at £5 a session. For the whole of June we are offering a massive 50% discount meaning the course will cost £25 working out at only £2.50 a session!!

To sign up today contact 12 Gauge MMA on 0161 669 5860 or email Matthew.Thorpe@12gaugemma.com

For further information on 12 Gauge MMA and what we have to offer you check out: 12 Gauge MMA


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