12 Gauge MMA Events

Over the next several months we have a few things going on at 12 Gauge MMA. On July 3rd we have Simon Home and Lee Perkins making there Semi Professional debuts on The Way of the Warriors 2 being held in Batley. The matches are as follows:

U73kg Lee Perkins vs Aiden Heap

U66kg Simon Home vs Aaron Doherty

Gonna be 2 very explosive fights there fight camps have started so these guys will be ready for when July comes. Check back over the coming weeks for footage and photos of these guys training and there preparation for battle.

Then on July 31st at the Takedown GP we have fighting on the preliminary card Lewis Perkins and Adam Syme. I will update the blog once I have fights confirmed for them.

Next we have UCC Contenders 3: Stockport Showdown to be held at Edgeley Park on 14th August. We will have several 12 Gauge representatives out that night so check back for when the matches are confirmed.

Finally Nathan “Levo” Leverton will be holding a seminar at 12 Gauge MMA on Sunday 28th August 12-3 pm. This will cost £25 for the 3 hrs and places must be booked and paid for upfront. Nathan has coached some of the best fighters the UK has produced this is a seminar not to be missed. All are welcome contact me Matt Thorpe to book a place.

Busy few months coming up but all gonna be great fun, can’t wait!


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