Smash him in the face!!

This weekend I taught a seminar on cage control and ring craft for a team of first time fighters, cornering fighters was disscussed and it got me thinking. Over the years I have seen some real poor corners, some fighters seem to believe just bringing your mate along to shout smash him in the face is all you need of a corner team!

I have been lucky from day one, I have had an awesome team behind me who have taken the time to learn how to switch me on and get me mentally ready to get in the cage and compete. This is key. Corners should know their fighters intimately so they can bring them to the boil and send them out ready to do the job. For years I’ve struggled with nerves and trying to switch from Mr nice guy, to wanting to punch someone in the face. Over time, the team behind me worked different corner tactics to find what suited me as a fighter and found solutions to the problems I was experiencing.

I remember when I fought Dan Hardy I was sharing my warm up room with another fighter whose corners gave my corner team a slagging on the forums after the event for how long my warm up had lasted and that I was knackered by the end of it. Yet I went out and had a full 25min fight that is still seen in many peoples eyes as one of the greatest UK fights of all time, and their guy went out and lost rather quickly! This is an example of an uneducated corner team, they didnt realise that it took a long time for me to come to a boil (sometimes over 1 hour) and that I liked to get rid of my first wind. They just thought one structure of warming up suits all!!

So the point I am trying to get across is that each fighter is individual and a good corner team should be able to recognise their fighters needs. In order for a fighter to perform to their greatest potential they need to be warmed up and primed correctly!!

12 Gauge Signing off!!


2 Responses to “Smash him in the face!!”

  1. Dave Butlin Says:

    Very well said!! Love the blog, keep it up fella


  2. I’m sitting here now wondering who that was !

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