A little busy……

Had an extremely busy week, so just gonna keep you all upto date with what I have been upto. Check out the interview filmed at Quannum of me and my coach Aaron Chatfield on the build up to the M1 semi finals:

Channel M came down on Monday 14th to film my training for my upcoming fight. Started with my conditioning circuit at home and then filmed my Mrs cooking tea! They followed me down to the gym in the evening and filmed my pad work then sparring. They seemed to really enjoy it, the show was going to be 1 piece but they have said they will split it into 2 with the build upto the fight on 1 show and then bring me into the studio for the 2nd peice post fight. Will keep you guys informed of when this will air.

Also this week had the stockport Express and MEN newspapers come down and do a little interview with me and take some photos. Keep your eyes out for that piece to show up at the end of the week/some time next week hopefully.



I am starting an MMA class on Monday 5th October, covering all aspects of MMA.


at: Factory BJJ

Studio 1, Vauxhall Industrial Estate

Greg Street




For more info you can contact me at:



07514 884 037


Finally a couple of links for you guys to check out. First off the coliseum forum:


and my temporary website:



12 Gauge signing off!!


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